Add yourself
Add yourself

Earn the knowledge of your native language

You know how to write?
And you know how to speak?
It`s time to get money just for knowing your language!

For a short time
EARN $50
OR EVEN $100
Translate the website phrases into your native language, and get a reward on the balance of your account on our site

How it works?
  • We will check the proposed translation
  • And your phrase will be chosen - we will charge you a remuneration to the balance of your account
  • You can spend it on absolutely any services of our website
  • And soon you will be able to withdraw the reward and get in cash (* but we are still working on it)
  • Do not be afraid improve! Do you see a phrase that is not exactly translated? Suggest an option better!
  • You do not need any special skills. Just share with us your version of the translation into your native language - and get a reward for it!
  • A real bonus for the minimum of your efforts. Fast and profitable!

Explanations and rules:
  • Several offers of translations of the same phrase from our site can come from different site users at once.
  • Only one of them receives the reward - the one whose translation will be selected by the site administration.
  • But if you offer a new translation for an earlier translated phrase - you too can get a reward, because it is possible that some of the phrases have not been translated accurately.
  • Only one of them receives a reward - the one whose transfer is chosen by the administration
  • We do not pay cash. We can agree on real cash payments only with the most active and professional translators.

How to start translating?

Register on our website. And offer your translations. We look at new offers every week, and if you know your native language well, and you can offer excellent options - you will definitely get a reward.

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