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29 years, 183 cm, 80 kg

My city Хаваст (Узбекистан)

I am looking for in any country

Heart, under the rhythm of which we will dance!

I am male, and me looking for a woman

Calm, measured, a little crazy relationship. To feel the imperceptible, to compensate for the irreplaceable, to understand the incomprehensible, to make up the irreplaceable, to grasp the immensity, to pass the impassable, to overcome the irresistible. I'm looking for relationships, for the sake of relationships. Dear diary, I learned two important lessons today .. :)


If our parents were looking for a couple on the same principle and in the same way, we would not have been with you …



Hello! So you got to the most interesting and for many, unfortunately, very important! I was born and grew up in a Moscow intellectual family. I do not smoke, I do not drink, the lexicon is lean and I rarely resort to it. Do not turn on a healthy lifestyle, lead a normal lifestyle, like most. I have reached the age and social status, which allows me to be sure that I will be able to provide not only myself but also someone with whom fate will lead me. Financially independent, I can bear responsibility not only for myself but for a person close to me!


I'm looking for a person with whom it will be comfortable, starting with the modeling of snowmen and ending with …



And remember, you are responsible for those who were seduced! ;-R

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